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How Many Caramel Apples Does It Take To Fund A ROBOT?

Funding for competitions is a major concern for the Red Nation Robotics FIRST team. Our team needs about $40,000 to $60,000 a year for travel, competition costs and robot construction, depending on if we make it to Worlds in Houston.

If we went the common route of selling coupon books, doing bake sales, and getting a percentage of the Honey Baked Hams sold, it would take an enormous amt. of sales to reach our goal. We still will do these types of events, and they are really fun! But, it's just not enough. We need to help of Sponsors in our community. So, you are saying what is Robotics all about? What is the benefit for my organization to support Red Nation Robotics?

The benefits of sponsoring a team are numerous. Since 1989, the FIRST Robotics Competition has grown from 28 teams involved to 3128 teams with roughly 75,000 students and 19,000 mentors from 24 countries. 87% of the high schools and their company mentors stay involved year after year establishing a relationship with the school and the community. Sponsoring a team has a proven positive impact on student interest in engineering. Participants learn the great values of teamwork, self-sufficiency, character, time management, speed, etc. which can be difficult to teach in a traditional classroom setting. In most schools, participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition has had a broad positive impact beyond the team itself. The FIRST Robotics Competition is a varsity sport in many yearbooks, which allows the students to participate in a sport; which they may not have otherwise done.

Red Nation Robotics is a year round club comprised of students from Halls High School, Middle School and Powell High School. Our Non-Technical group works to develop Business Plans, Create Marketing Materials, Plan Community Outreach Events and have real life experience in essentially creating a Non-Profit Business from the ground up. When our "Build Season" starts, RNR Robotics Technical group will spend an intense 6 weeks working every night and weekend to construct the most efficient robot. From this experience, the students learn to work collaboratively, experience real world application of classroom curriculum, and develop invaluable problem solving skills. In addition, many of the mentors are engineers and professionals within the community. Working directly with these professionals allows the students to experience career opportunities first-hand while establishing a relationship with the mentors.

Sponsors of our team have great exposure and marketing for their businesses as we travel across the country sharing your logo with the world. FIRST has received major media coverage of events since the widespread impact of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Corporate logos are displayed on the web site; t-shirts and apparel; and media announcements regarding the RNR Robotics team.

Red Nation Robotics team looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you! Contact us for more info.

Unlike other school organizations, Team 4576 can't support itself selling Caramel Apples. Now we do work hard to do the best we can! We sold 58 apples at our last home football game. If the team was to attempt to fund themselves via bake sales, at $3 an Apple, it would take us selling 20,000 to reach our goal. WOW! Can you help us?