Faculty Mentors

Get to know some of our Red Nation Robotics Mentors and NEMO's. We have a great team. There are many projects and tasks that a FIRST ® Robotics team must accomplish. To meet deadlines and goals, Red Nation Robotics Team #4576, is divided into sub-teams: Business; Outreach; Robot Build (Drive-train, Chassis and Manipulator); Computer-Aided Design (CAD); Control Systems & Programming; and Marketing & Media. These sub-teams are further organized into project teams to take on tasks ranging from presentations to corporate sponsors, fundraising, mentoring FIRST ® LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams, and advocating for government support of STEM funding. Click here to read more in-depth about each sub-team.


Morgan Everett

Lead Mentor Halls HS

"I'm 99.9% sure my blood-type is FR (First Robotics) Positive."

Thomas Pendleton

Faculty Mentor Powell HS

"Miracle Whip is yummy"


Tiffany Parrett

 Faculty Mentor Sterchi Elementary 

Team mom

Parent Mentors

Mentors play a vital role in the success of our team. Mentors work extensively with team members throughout the year. Their expertise is the catalyst for the team’s and students’ success. Mentors are the major distinction between the FRC program and other robotic competitions as they are wholly the professional role model for the student. Mentors engage and inspire students in ways far beyond science and technology. They enable both students and adults to appreciate the value of sportsmanship, teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism®.


Billy Jo Johnson

Captain NEMO
Lead Parent Mentor

Although her Bachelor’s Degree is in Radiologic Sciences, she enjoys “drumming up business” as Business Mentor and Grant Writer. She is Kat's Mom, who is a project manager. She is a proud supporter of veterans, FIRST for all, and Women in STEM.


Naomi Lohmann

Parent Mentor

Marketing/Business Mentors and Mom and Dad of Zach (Project Mgr). Founder of WallPraise.com, one of our Platinum Sponsors.
Naomi has 24 years of Graphic/Web Design experience, and 8 years of Promo Product Design, Production and Sales.
Josh has 23 years of Tech Sales and Cyber Security Consulting.

Bruce Chaffins

Parent Mentor

Programming Mentor and father of Garrett (Build Team) and Connor (Programming Team) He has a background with computational sciences and robotics.
He has worked with several Fortune 10s, including IMB Wattson Reasearch Lab.



Parent Mentor

This is his 2nd year as an RNR Member.
With an Electrical Engineering degree and Father of Michael, he assists his son and the entire Build team whenever something  is needed.


Parent Mentor

Media / Marketing Mentor and father of Joseph Collette (Media Marketing Team) and honorary team member - Terry Jr. He has a background with computer sciences, IT, Website Design and marketing, as well as photography and videography and editing - not to mention all around great guy!

This is his first year with the Team and may be in over his head!


Marie Pretorius

parent mentor

2nd year mentor of programming team and mother (Gavin) background in computer science


these mentors are gradutes of 2020 and are now alumni






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Donations of tools, materials, food for build season dinners, and other items are also appreciated.

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