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Ervin Schoolfield

Ervin Schoolfield was an Air Force VET, with years of service. This is just a little about his active duty-

Mr. Schoolfield served in the U.S. Air Force from 1995 to 2002. During that time, he helped launch the Air Force's first UAV program, the RQ-1 Predator. He was deployed to seven combat tours including Operation Joint Forge, Operation Allied Force, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving as a weapon system operator, instructor, evaluator, and supervisor.

He spent 14 years working as a contractor for the Military/Air Force.

Ervin married Monica who he met in the Air force. The had two children, Adam and Sydney.

Early in our 2018 season, Ervin told us about his battle with cancer-

"On December 22, 2016 I found out I had small cell carcinoma of the false vocal cord. I went through months of chemotherapy and a grueling 33 sessions of radiation treatment that left me unable to swallow foods for what will turn out to be the rest of my life.
On July 14, 2017 we went to the doctors in hopes that that chemo and radiation did their job and removed the cancer. While my throat was cancer-free I found out that this aggressive type of cancer had spread before we could get it all out. I now have a 2cm tumor on my liver and there’s very little they can do to stop it. I’ll be starting immunotherapy soon to hold off the cancer as long as I can in hopes of getting some more precious time with my amazing family. 
When the time comes, I’ll be leaving behind my wife and 2 amazing children (Adam and Sydney). While I’ve come to terms with the harshness of life, my heart breaks for these special kids.  No child deserves to lose a parent but, these two are so good, they’re so amazing that hurting them so deeply is worse than death itself."
What a courageous man and brave family!!!

Link to hear Ervin talk about robotics and his heart for our team.

Ervin lost his battle with cancer in August of 2018.

Memories from 2017-18 Season

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