Season 9 Sponsor Campaign

About our Campaign

Members of Red Nation Robotics have the opportunity to design, manufacture, build, and program a 120 pound robot, take it to major competitions, and win! Sponsorships allow members to spend more time in the lab and less time performing a bunch of fundraisers. Estimated fundraising needed per season per member=$1,500 (x40)=$60,000

To offset season costs, each member should try to gain $500 (X40)=$20,000 for this campaign

If we work together to raise these funds, we will have a very rewarding year

All funds raised go directly to the team to pay for:

  • Parts

  • Software

  • Outreach

  • Banquet

  • Registration

  • Travel

  • Equipment

  • Tools

  • Marketing


NO goods (or) services can be offered in return for sponsorship.

The sponsorship campaign is to be funded by DONATION ONLY.

If a member is unsuccessful in raising funds, schedule a consultation with the Business Mentor.

ALL donations for sponsorship are tax-deductible and can receive a tax receipt on official letterhead.

Checks made out to:  Halls High School Robotics

Learn ALL about YOUR team

  • Use your sponsorship packet materials

  • Get advice from the Business Team

  • Use social media and links

  • Research local companies

  • Make new business relationships

  • Offer demonstrations

  • Document your progress

  • Raise money for a better robot

  • Have fun!